Benefits of BODYTEC EMS training for moms

BODYTEC for moms

Discover the benefits of BODYTEC for mothers, as vouched for directly by moms who’ve tried – and loved – it! Whether you’re wanting to get your strength and body back after giving birth or are simply managing a busy lifestyle, weekly EMS training at BODYTEC could be the fitness solution you’ve been looking for. Watch […]

How AI is revolutionising exercise

How AI is revolutionising exercise | BODYTEC

“Wellness is gold!” but only a few people practise healthy habits or engage in any physical activity other than walking. In recent years, people’s attention has shifted to focus more on their health and well-being. This has been mainly caused by COVID-19, of course. The great news is that AI (artificial intelligence) is revolutionising how […]

Get ahead of the curve. The 2022 Fitness trends prediction

Fitness trends

The fitness industry is a big deal — and it’s only getting bigger. It has been steadily increasing for some time now, and we see no indications of it slowing down. Interest in fitness has increased as more people see its value in terms of health, wellbeing, and overall quality of life. Consumer spending on […]

The benefits of EMS training for Posture and Core Muscles Strength

Posture training with BODYTEC EMS

Today’s world is dominated by two main aspects – career and home. The modern way of living poses a relatively unique challenge to the human musculoskeletal and locomotor systems. One-dimensional and single-sided activity patterns, such as driving, office work in front of a screen, meetings, and even most activities at home contribute to many hours […]

How to set your goals and stick to them in 2022

A member chatting with personal trainer

The new year is here, and the resolution train is in motion. Your New Year’s resolutions should ideally include something related to getting fit and eating healthier. At BODYTEC, we believe in setting goals. And not just any goals. Big goals that challenge you to be able to look back and see your progress. Ask […]

Get active at South Africa’s top holiday destinations

Mountain views

Let’s be honest. There’s probably a good chance that you won’t be able to maintain your regular training routine while on holiday. And that’s ok. But you don’t have to go completely inactive over the holiday period. Firstly, don’t set unrealistic goals for yourself. Remember that performing 40 to 50% of what you typically do […]

10 reasons why you should focus on healthy habits this festive season

A woman sitting on the floor with a christmas hat

It doesn’t have to be strenuous to stay healthy and active over the holiday season. There are ways to work out while still enjoying all of the Christmas lunch and dinner parties. Having a solid reason to do something, goes a long way towards helping you stick to it. For many, going to the gym […]

20 reasons why our members love BODYTEC training

Members training in a BODYTEC Studio

No amount of reading about BODYTEC training from our blogs, reviews and experts, will compare to the experience of trying it yourself. Sometimes starting new adventures or trying innovations can be nerve-wracking, we know. When light bulbs were invented more than 150 years ago, people weren’t sure if they’d be a practical source of light, […]

Cardio vs. Strength Training – Which One is Better?

Cardio and strength training exercises

For many years, most people have been told that cardio is the best way to lose weight. Strength training then burst onto the scene as the ideal way to boost your metabolism and lose weight. This has naturally created two teams, and Duke University recently decided to find an answer as to which was better, […]