Buy BODYTEC anti-slip socks online

BODYTEC anti-slip socks

While many BODYTEC members enjoy training barefoot, we know that the idea of going shoe-free can be daunting.

We’ve got the solution: BODYTEC anti-slip socks.

Made from 90% cotton, our anti-slip training socks are breathable, hygienic and machine washable along with your BODYTEC training undergarments. They come in two styles – ankle socks or long socks (below the knee) to suit your preference. The other benefit of wearing BODYTEC anti-slip socks rather than shoes when training is that you don’t have to lug your training shoes around with you in your bag.

The BODYTEC anti-slip socks are suitable for EMS training, as it is a low impact form of training, but are also great for wearing around the house, especially if you have slippery floors. They are also great for older people who are more prone to slipping and seriously injuring themselves (need a gift for granny or grandpa?).

Your local studio generally has stock of our anti-slip socks, so you can reach out to them at any time.

Can’t make it to a studio?

You can now order our BODYTEC anti-slip socks online for delivery to your chosen address anywhere in South Africa!

The pricing is as follows:
  • 4 pairs of ankle socks – R299 including delivery*
  • 4 pairs of long socks – R339 including delivery*
  • 2 pairs of ankle socks and 2 pairs of long socks – R319 including delivery*
BODYTEC anti-slip socks
*Prices include delivery to major city centres within South Africa only. Additional fees might apply for outlying areas, which will be quoted once the order is submitted. Terms & Conditions apply.

To place an order for your BODYTEC anti-slip socks, CLICK HERE.


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