Born Three – Same, Same, but Different

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The McGregor sisters are more than just siblings.

Being incredibly close in age means they have a pretty close relationship. But, whilst they may be close in age and relationship, they still all bring something unique to the table. We chat to the sisters to find out what makes them each tick when it comes to working out and how their lives each play a role in their commitment to fitness.

Tracy, Kerry and Cindi McGregor are all passionate about keeping fit and healthy, although all three sisters enjoy a different approach to exercise. Cindi prefers to have a gym session completed in the morning in order to free her up in the afternoon for work and family, and likes to have a set program, whilst Kerry and Tracy both enjoy mixing things up in the gym rather than a set workout program. All three sisters agree that BODYTEC’s 20 minute sessions are great because it fits perfectly into their lifestyles.

Tracy McGregor

The sisters have incredibly busy schedules, with work and children all thrown into the mix.

“With hubby travelling and kiddies at school, all with different finishing times and schedules of their own, I have to find the time to exercise in the morning, explains Kerry. “I have flexibility of the influencer side of my life, and in my interior design company, which I started in 2016 before I had my third baby, so I’m blessed to be able to work my own times. It’s the only lifestyle I can sustain!”

The McGregor siblings may work hard, but they know the importance of balance, and just enjoying life too. Like everyone, the three sisters each have their own vices. “Oh, definitely pasta!” says Cindi, with a laugh, when asked about their favourite treats to indulge in. “With a chocolate thrown in for good measure.” Kerry’s favourite treat meal is pizza and a Lindt Salted Caramel slab, while Tracy’s is pizza, “I could eat pizza any day of the week,” she says with a grin.

When asked what advice they’d give it to fellow exercise lovers, all three ladies are big on getting plenty of water in. Kerry prefers to have a small snack before a workout, whilst Tracy opts to not eat before a workout.

Tracy, Kerry and Cindi love spending time together and can often be found either climbing Lion’s Head together, or at the Sea Point promenade when Kerry is in town. One thing’s for sure though, BODYTEC’s 20 minute EMS training sessions, form a big part of the McGregor sisters’ workouts and fit perfectly into their schedule.

Follow Tracy, Kerry and Cindi on their journeys at their blog, Born Three.

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