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Learn Self-defence tactics at BODYTEC

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We never know when danger will strike and hope that you would never have to defend yourself against violence, but on the chance that you have to, we want you to be prepared with tools and tactics that could help you protect yourself and those you love.

According to the South African Police Service, from 2018 to 2019, 468 reports of an assault with the intent to inflict grievous bodily harm, were recorded every day. That’s more than 170 000 cases of violence that we know of. 

What causes violence?

Psychologists say that the most common motivations for violence are attempts to express emotions, attempts to manipulate others into getting what the perpetrator wants, and retaliation to even a score. Another common cause of violence stems from being openly exposed to it and perceiving it as an appropriate way to behave.

Our 2-hour introductory self-defence classes, conducted by Elite Defence Academy, are unlike any traditional conflict training program. You will gain insight into self-defence exercises, as well as the psychological aspects of violence such as recognizing pre-attack indicators. Read the full course outline below:


Self-Defence Pop-Up Classes at BODYTEC

Duration: 2 hours

Cost: R395 pp

You will learn:

  • Practical crime awareness and avoidance techniques
  • Vital targets and striking techniques
  • Defences and escapes against grabs, holds, and chokes
  • Defence against sexual assault or assault on the ground 
  • How to use everyday items as improvised weapons 

How to book:

The Elite Defence Academy classes at selected BODYTEC studios accommodate groups of 8 – 14 people, so get your friends, family or colleagues to join in on an empowering team-building activity or join an existing group by choosing your preferred timeslot, using the online booking & payment link below.




Learning new skills is often more fun with a friend, so why not bring one along and get stronger, more confident together?! For a chance to win free access worth R395 for a friend to your chosen class:

  1. Book & pay now for one of our self-defence pop-up classes at your chosen studio
  2. Then head to our Facebook or Instagram page and Comment on the relevant competition post with the following:
    1. “I’m booked”
    2. The name of the studio you’ve signed up at
    3. Tag the friend/s you want to bring along.
  3. Score extra entries for sharing the posts to your feeds and stories, making sure to tag our main brand accounts using @BODYTECSA so that we are notified and can allocate your entries.


Competition Terms and Conditions:

Entrants must follow all steps above to qualify. Winners will be selected via random draw and verified against bookings and payments received. Prizes cannot be exchanged for a refund on a purchased ticket or transferred to another class or studio. BODYTEC reserves the right to cancel the giveaway at any point. Winners must be over the age of 16 years to participate in the self-defence class. All standard terms and conditions of the Pop-Up Self Defence Classes offer apply to winners.

Pop-Up Class Terms and Conditions:

The Elite Defence Academy introductory self-defence class is a pop-up program exclusive to BODYTEC and is limited to 14 participants per class. First come first served. Classes are run in February and March 2020 for a duration of 2 hours per class. Members of classes smaller than the minimum required attendance will get a chance to re-book at another studio or receive a refund. All classes will be confirmed at least 10 days prior to the scheduled date. Full T&Cs apply. For any questions, please contact us on admin@bodytec.co.za or 021 418 3479.


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