BODYTEC Montana opening soon

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We are so excited to announce the launch of our new BODYTEC studio in Pretoria in the Zambezi Junction Shopping Centre. Studio owner, Mieke Louw, is yet another example of a former client who is so convinced by the results she experienced first hand that she wanted to join the BODYTEC family so she could introduce EMS training to even more people.

“I went for a BODYTEC trial two years ago shortly before I left for holiday to Mozambique. I remember lying on the beach and noticing my arms felt a bit harder when I poked them – and that was after only one session!” recalls Mieke, who co-owns the studio with Rachi and Judith. “I loved the energy of the training and the fact that I felt stiff for days afterwards. I believe in BODYTEC and wanted to be part of this fitness phenomenon.”

Rachi first discovered EMS training when doing research on rehabilitation therapy for her son. She introduced Judith to the concept, who in turn sent Mieke for a trial. “The impact the training made to our strength and posture made us certain that this is the new generation of fitness. Our dream to be part of the BODYTEC family was born,” says Mieke.

In Mieke’s case she realised that her lack of core strength and flexibility in her glutes and hamstrings were contributing to pain. “The posterior aspect of my body was weak and I relied on other parts of my body to perform tasks. Overcompensating just made things worse,” she says. She has worked with her BODYTEC EMS trainer over the past two years, and experimented with different levels, to overcome her weak points. “My body is no longer holding back my quality of life and quality of movement,” she says.

Mieke is not afraid to take on challenges. She is also a scuba instructor, despite being nervous to try it initially. “It started as a shared family experience. My love for scuba was not instant; I had to overcome my fear after I started to panic in the water. The fear was tamed and changed to wonder and amazement. Long story short, I started an internship as a dive master and fell in love with the ocean. I enjoyed helping others to gain the confidence to experience a whole new world. Becoming an instructor was a natural progression,” she says.

What does she enjoy about it most? “I just love being one with the ocean. It’s where I feel in touch with nature. After close to a thousand dives I still see weird and wonderful creatures. Things that I’ve never seen before! I love the look on people’s faces after their first diving experience. All of the hard work and effort from all parties involved really comes together and there is nothing better than enriching someone’s life experience.”

Mieke says EMS training has boosted her diving experience by building her balance and strength. “I no longer have to pull myself into the boat and I no longer experience pain. I feel the impact this technology has had on my body on many levels – my oxygen consumption under water has dropped significantly [this is a good thing] and I have better control of my body [from all the increased strength] allowing for a better all-round diving experience.”

Does she have any tips for people wanting to hit the Big Blue? “There are very few things in life that can compare to taking your first breaths under water and once you have experienced it, it will be a day you never forget. It all comes down to fear and a willingness to expose oneself to new things by overcoming your fear. Take the first step and change what that little voice tells you. You control it!”

BODYTEC Montana will be opening on 2 October 2017. To apply for a trial voucher email montana@bodytec.co.za.

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