5 BODYTEC members share their experience

BODYTEC members

Whether you’re new to BODYTEC EMS training or a long-time member, it’s always enlightening to read the genuine experiences of those who have tried electrical muscle stimulation (EMS), since each member has unique challenges and concerns to share.

We feel that BODYTEC delivers the country’s most effective full-body strength training program but don’t just take our word for it.

Read what our members across South Africa say about BODYTEC EMS training:

It’s convenient and saves you time

“After training with a personal trainer 3 times a week for years at a conventional gym, I decided to try out BODYTEC. I was able to get all the benefits of a personal trainer in just 20 minutes a week (at half the cost) and use the remainder of my week to recover and focus on cardio. The BODYTEC Steenberg team makes it a fun experience while pushing you to the next level. If you have any doubts, just book a trial session-you won’t regret it!” Simone – BODYTEC Steenberg

“I’m a graduated businesswoman who owns a manufacturing company in Johannesburg. I am a multi-faceted woman who juggles marriage, motherhood, family, friends alongside a career but still tries to make time to look after my health. I’m 50 years old and have to admit that BODYTEC has improved my mobility and body strength. The combination of their training and technology has facilitated the rehabilitation and full use of my left arm as well as improved my core body strength. I have also regained overall flexibility in my body and I’m able to participate in physical activities with my children. BODYTEC has improved my life. Thank you BODYTEC!” ~ Dona – BODYTEC Greenside

Get back into shape

“After COVID-19 regulations were implemented, gyms were closed for a long time, which hindered the fitness progress that I had made prior to the lockdown. Being an IT technician, my job entails hours of sitting in front of my computer screen, which eventually took a toll on my body with having no fitness outlet when working from home.
At the age of 32, I needed to get my fitness level back after losing a year of training, and that’s when I joined BODYTEC. My energy and strength levels have returned after my first 20-minute full-body EMS training session. If one session has had such a great effect already, I am very excited to see my end result with the help of BODYTEC EMS training.” ~ Ajay – BODYTEC Greenside

It’s ideal for recovery

“I’m someone who has struggled with acute back and neck tension due to stress. As a result, I’ve had to take muscle relaxants as well as have many visits to the physio and osteopath. Since joining BODYTEC, thanks to the nature of their EMS training and the way it activates the muscles, it has left me with no tension. Additionally, it has cut my costs as I don’t need to see the physio anymore for those knots in my back.

The weekly workout leaves you feeling exhilarated after each session and gives you the same happy endorphins you get at the gym in just 20 minutes while toning your body and strengthening your core. I am a big girl so I find losing weight an extra bonus and it’s possible with BODYTEC as my weekly workout program. ~ Kim – BODYTEC Dainfern

You’re guided through every step of the way

“This is the 3rd BODYTEC studio we have been to in the last 5 years (due to relocation) and we can honestly say we have never ever been treated so professionally and with so much compassion as we have received at BODYTEC Erasmuskloof.

Angelique and Martin actually care about the members, their situations, and more importantly, their health, and as a result, they have appointed the best trainers we have ever experienced. As an ex-biokineticist, I am very particular about performing the movements correctly, not overtraining, and making the most of every session. Mikaela and Charl definitely tick all these boxes for me. Mikaela is extremely knowledgeable and has a lot of compassion for her trainees. Her professionalism and the passion she has for her job make you forget about any ailments (or stiffness) you might have. Charl’s energy and the way he tries to make the session as fun as possible make you want to come back every day.

The studio is always extremely clean, and they adhere to the strictest COVID-19 hygiene regulations. To us, BODYTEC Erasmuskloof is not just a studio to us-to us it feels like home. Thank you, Angelique, Martin, Mikaela, and Charl, for always making us feel welcome, for getting our butts in gear (literally), and for the constant education, motivation, and general laughter we get at BODYTEC Erasmuskloof.

We can recommend this studio to everyone and anyone who is looking to get stronger, more toned, or even just to improve their quality of life in 2022!” ~ Natasha and Schalk – BODYTEC Erasmuskloof

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