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9 BODYTEC members share their EMS training experience

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Whether you’re new to BODYTEC EMS training or have been a member for years, it’s always reassuring to read the honest experiences of those who have tried Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS), since each member has individual concerns and stories that may be useful to know.

We believe that BODYTEC offers the most effective full-body workout program in the country but we don’t want you to just take our word for it.

Read what 9 members across South Africa say the benefits of BODYTEC personal EMS training sessions are:

You’re guided through every step of the way

“The staff are professional and friendly. They make sure that you are happy and comfortable. The place is also really clean and lovely. I loved my experience at Bodytec Bryanston which is why I signed up straight away and I can already feel a difference after one 20 min session! Wonderful people and a great product that gives you results! Highly recommended.” Aurelie Stratton – BODYTEC Bryanston

“This is a great investment in my body and an efficient fast workout under the guidance of great personal trainers. They are always 100‰ on time and the service is always perfectly consistently on par!” Amelia Sequeria – BODYTEC Centurion

“I can’t believe what 20 minutes [of Bodytec training] does for me, I am totally spent after the sessions, in a good way and I don’t have to panic about injuries. The facilities are spotlessly clean and neat.” Sam vd Walt – BODYTEC Rivonia

It’s convenient and saves you time

“As a runner and gym fanatic, I have never experienced anything like this before. My instructor was fantastic. He explained everything in great detail before we started. After my assessment, I was put into a special suit and connected to the EMS machine. It was an intense full-body workout, and no doubt I will be very stiff tomorrow. For those of you who hate the gym or battle to fit exercise in [into your schedule], this workout only takes 20 minutes! Who doesn’t have 20 minutes? You could even do this in your lunch break. The best part about strength training is the impact it has on your metabolism. The more muscles you have, the faster your metabolism will be. Why not give it a try.” Bridget Knight – BODYTEC City Bowl

“Don’t get the chance to exercise much and this is just the best. In 20 minutes I have had a full-body workout. Best trainers ever!” Anele Msohe – BODYTEC Tygervalley

“I absolutely love the convenience of a 20min workout which is equivalent to 3 workouts in the gym.” Losh Jugjewan – BODYTEC Greenside

It’s ideal for recovery training

“After my Fibula fracture, I was unable to undertake strenuous exercise. Once my physio gave me the go-ahead to do moderate and restricted exercise I’ve returned to Bodytec, who understood my limitations and adjusted my exercises accordingly. Within weeks, I was back to my original exercise plan. Thank you, Tanya and team, for all your follow up messages and interest. Much appreciated. You guys are the best team!” Flip Willemse – BODYTEC Rustenburg

“After suffering from a debilitating rotator cuff injury for some months, the team at Bodytec Steenberg has helped me regain full mobility and strength of my arm and I cannot thank them enough!” Fabio Venturi – BODYTEC Steenberg

“I have lost 7.5kg since I started at Bodytec on the 4th of June. I put in a lot of work and eating discipline outside of the studio. What I can confirm is that my running has improved since I started, I no longer feel pain in my legs when running and can endure for longer. Bodytec Lonehill is the place to be!” Makaita Mapfumo – BODYTEC Lonehill


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