BODYTEC launches in Eldoraigne, Pretoria!

As a physiotherapist, Hilde Lindeque has devoted her life to helping others keep their bodies in top working order. Then two years ago a patient told her about a form of exercise called EMS training with BODYTEC. “My patient was an extremely busy career woman, who travelled frequently, but she was superbly fit and looked great. I asked her how she fitted training into her busy life and she told me she did BODYTEC for twenty minutes once a week in Sandton,” says Hilde. As a physiotherapist, she was familiar with Electro Muscle Stimulation (EMS) as an aid in rehabilitation, where there is severe muscle weakness. “I already knew how well it works, but not that it could be used on 90% of the body, all at once, to improve all-over muscle strength and tone,” Hilde says.

When Hilde was invited to a trial session, she jumped at the opportunity. “I arrived early for my session and was impressed with the cool, modern look of the studio and the professionalism of the staff. I watched two women train and saw the sweat pouring off them,” recalls Hilde. She says her first session was more intense than expected and by the time her session was finished she was hooked and signed up. “For the next few days, I could feel every muscle in my body – which I like, because that means those muscles have worked hard,” says Hilde.

“I was immediately drawn to the whole concept and thought to myself that I still want to be involved with people and make a difference in their lives, promoting healthy living, but in a more fun, fitness-orientated, uplifting way. I have never been afraid of a challenge and decided to make a career change,” says Hilde, who approached BODYTEC to open a franchise, and was thrilled to find a suitable space in Eldoraigne.

“I am very excited about doing something new, learning new skills, building a team and working in a fun, vibey atmosphere,” says Hilde, who says she loves spending time with her 10-year old son, Luc and family. “My favourite thing to do is to travel and explore new places,” she says. We welcome Hilde to the BODYTEC family!

To book a trial session at BODYTEC Eldoraigne email eldoraigne@bodytec.co.za

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