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BODYTEC EMS training

Are you looking for a new business opportunity?

If you’re into fitness and health, then BODYTEC has something exciting for you. BODYTEC brought EMS training to South Africa in 2011 and recently introduced the newest innovation in EMS technology at all of our studios across the country. The new SYMBIONT Smart Training System and Tec Suit were developed by Schwa-medico, a Frankfurt-based medical device manufacturer with over 45 years of experience in medical devices for pain relief based on EMS technology. By securing an exclusive partnership with SYMBIONT, we have further strengthened our position as a leading brand in SA’s fitness industry.

An integral part of the SYMBIONT Smart Training System is its state-of-the-art equipment and Tec Suits—all supplied on a rental basis. This brings investment costs down by almost R500 000 and lowers the barrier to entry for your entrepreneurs. Besides initial investment savings, franchise partners also save on overheads as one requires smaller premises with SYMBIONT technology, thus saving on monthly rental costs, as well as on staff costs as the process of getting members ready for training has been simplified. Furthermore, wear and tear costs are cut as faulty equipment can be exchanged as part of the equipment rental agreement.

Besides a customised business plan, we offer personalised franchise partner and staff training as well as an onboarding program. We have close relationships with South Africa’s leading property developers. BODYTEC will support you in your search for suitable premises including landlord negotiations, and we’ll ensure that you have area exclusivity. BODYTEC’s designer will work with our trusted building partner to get you up and running stress-free.

Further support takes place via ongoing training, operational visits, and management meetings. You can benefit from strategic national and brand marketing done for you, with guidance and support for local marketing. BODYTEC has strong brand partners, including FNB, Nedbank, Momentum, and Lisa Raleigh.

Are you convinced? Reach out to us via email: franchise@bodytec.co.za

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