Train Smarter, Get Stronger in only 20 minutes a week.

BODYTEC and FNB join forces to make fitness more accessible

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💥 This July and August buy our FNB 10 Prepaid EMS Sessions at 30% Off 💥

Plus GET 2 EXTRA SESSIONS FREE when you start training before the 1st of September 2022.

Get your voucher via the FNB app or eBucks store and book your first session. Ts&Cs apply.


As South Africa’s leading Electro Muscle Stimulation (EMS) training franchise, BODYTEC is committed to providing a 20-minute EMS training workout that is one of the best in SA. With 40 studios throughout South Africa, we’re constantly working to make this unique EMS training available to everyone in the country.

To help achieve our vision, we partnered with FNB and eBucks in 2018. eBucks members can purchase BODYTEC sessions for a discount of between 30%-75%!

eBucks members can pay for a reduced Once-Off Trial or purchase 10 Pre-Paid Sessions* using eBucks, their FNB card or a combination of both through the eBucks Shop or via the FNB banking app.

Current eBucks Voucher options*:

  • Pay only R50 for a Once-Off Reduced Rate Trial (Value: R195) – SAVE 75%!
  • Pay only R3 325 for 10 Pre-Paid Sessions (Value: R4 750) – SAVE 30%!

eBucks Rewards is FNB and RMB Private Bank’s rewards programme that enables you to earn eBucks for doing everyday things, like shopping, filling up with fuel or loading airtime. You can spend the eBucks you earn on fuel, electronics and appliances, travel, books, CDs and DVDs, flowers, outdoor equipment and fashion – you name it! With eBucks Rewards, you save money every time you spend. This means you can do more and get more for less.

For more information on eBucks, visit www.ebucks.com.

TO BOOK a reduced rate trial or 10 pre-paid sessions via the FNB banking app:

    1. Download the FNB App.
    2. Open the app and click on the BUY icon on the home screen.
    3. Choose the VOUCHERS + COUPONS option
    4. Click the BUY VOUCHERS option and scroll down to search for your BODYTEC vouchers.
    5. After selecting your preferred BODYTEC option from the list, you can pay with eBucks, your FNB card or a combination of both to redeem the offer.

Buy BODYTEC vouchers on FNB eBucks & Save!

TO BOOK a Reduced Rate Trial or 10 Pre-Paid Sessions via the eBucks Shop:

  1. Go to www.ebucks.com and login to your eBucks profile.
  2. Click on the eBucks Shop tab.
  3. Select the Vouchers category.
  4. Choose e-Vouchers.
  5. After selecting your preferred BODYTEC voucher option from the list, you can pay with eBucks, your FNB card or a combination of both to redeem the offer.

Once you’ve purchased your voucher, simply contact your nearest BODYTEC studio to book your EMS training session. When making your booking, make sure to include your FNB voucher code, which will be SMSed to you by FNB after your purchase is complete.

*Visit www.FNB.co.za to find the Ts&Cs.

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