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BODYTEC Express: NEW 3 month membership

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BODYTEC express 3-month Membership

Transformation doesn’t happen overnight. Any improvement to physical wellbeing can be life-changing but requires consistency. Committing to something new and getting into a routine isn’t always easy, though. This is why we’ve introduced our new BODYTEC Express membership, which offers a convenient alternative to our prepaid and long-term memberships.

In just 90 days, BODYTEC Express members receive all the benefits of weekly 20-minute EMS training within a set timeline, making it perfect for those new to EMS or anyone who isn’t ready to commit longer term.

Is BODYTEC Express Membership for you?

Do you want to be consistent with fitness but have a busy schedule? Would you like to achieve your goals faster? Are you interested in speeding up the recovery time of an injury or want to ease back pain? Are you new to EMS and not quite ready to commit to it long term? If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, BODYTEC Express is for you.

Prepare for a full-body workout

You may not see how 90% of muscles are being stimulated while watching others train, but you will definitely feel tiny muscle contractions during your own session, making previously easy-to-do exercises a lot tougher. It’s a powerful 20-minutes that certainly won’t leave you sweat-free.

Specialist guidance throughout

All BODYTEC memberships include one-on-one specialist guidance. Each of our personal trainers are qualified fitness experts who receive advanced electro muscle stimulation training at our in-house BODYTEC Training Academy. This means that you will have expert support during each training session and that you will not have to navigate this new chapter of your fitness journey on your own.

BODYTEC members also have the option of training in pairs so bring your partner, relative, or friend along to enjoy the experience – or make new friends when training with another member.

0% Added-cost for nationwide studio access

Members who are frequent travellers need not worry about missing a weekly session since there are nearly 40 BODYTEC studios to train at across the country. Whether you’re travelling for work or vacation, you’ll have the option of booking sessions at a nearby studio, at no extra cost.

More about EMS training:

  • One 20-minute session per week is all you need for effective results.
  • After 6 to 8 weeks, you will notice a visible and gradual difference in muscle formation and a possible reduction in body fat, depending on your diet.
  • As with conventional training, consistency is essential to ensure and maintain optimal results – good thing it’s so easy to fit in a single 20-minute session per week!

More about your BODYTEC Express membership:

  • Members wanting to upgrade to 6- or 12-month memberships can do so at no extra cost.
  • All sessions must be completed in the agreed time period.
  • No sessions may be carried over beyond the 3-month period.
  • One additional weekly session will be allowed after the initial 6-week adaptation period has been completed, with a minimum 4-day recovery period between sessions.
  • No cancellation fee will be incurred in the second half of the membership period. A cancellation fee of R1 100 will be incurred for cancellations within the first half of the membership period, though.
  • Written notice must be issued 30 days prior to cancellation.


To book a trial now or learn more about our other membership options, CLICK HERE.


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