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We’re thrilled to announce that we received the accolade of finalist in the annual Brand Builder of the Year 2016 award. According to the franchise association of South Africa (FASA), of which BODYTEC is a member, this award recognises companies that have elevated and grown their brand through the successful implementation of a sound marketing strategy. The focus is on innovation and effective execution of marketing strategies, rather than the size of the brand’s marketing budget.

‘We opened the first South African EMS studio in 2011 and were the first to start franchising the EMS strength training concept in South Africa. With the help of a number of amazing franchise partners, we are working together towards building our brand and business,’ says BODYTEC co-owner and marketing manager Sandra Leyck, who received the award. Currently there are 26 BODYTEC studios nationally, and BODYTEC’s engaging social media strategy, weekly lifestyle blog called PlanB, celebrity ambassador programme and an interactive website which was launched in January 2016, have fuelled interest and sign-ups with brand. The innovative I AM BODYTEC campaign also introduces clients to the customer base every month, giving them insight into the lives of others from their ‘community’.

‘Working on one’s own brand with a great team of professionals (our PR agency, Eclipse, and Content Management and Digital Agency, Thinkmob) and being able to run with new ideas from conception to execution and see how they are received in the market, has been a fun and rewarding process,’ says Sandra.

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