BODYTEC celebrates its 30th studio

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Faaiz in a BODYTEC studio

Clients have been asking us for months when BODYTEC would come to Johannesburg south. We’re thrilled to say that, thanks to the hard work of Faaiz Tar and his studio co-owner Shireen Sarlie, BODYTEC will be opening in Bassonia in June 2017. Shireen has had her eye on opening a studio for a while, but it was only after Faaiz booked a trial session that he got on board.

“I was sold after my trial session and for the days that followed I had pains in places I didn’t know existed. I felt like I had run a marathon!” he recalls. After researching the philosophy and benefits of EMS training, he knew it was something he wanted to get involved in.

“With today’s fast-paced life people often don’t find the time to take care of their most valuable asset which is their health and wellbeing. I saw this as an opportunity to not only help people with what I struggled with (finding time to exercise), but also to leave the hustle and bustle of corporate life and make a difference to people’s lives,” he says. He’s personally experienced the benefits of BODYTEC. “My overall strength and endurance has improved. A large part of the sporting activities I do require a solid core of which I’ve seen an improvement not only in strength but also endurance.”

The Bassonia studio opening marks the milestone 30th studio for the BODYTEC brand, which follows the announcement of our co-launch of EMS training in Brazil under the banner of BODYPULSE. “It’s so exciting to see a new studio on the map of Gauteng,” says BODYTEC marketing head, Sandra Leyck. “BODYTEC is all about offering our clients convenience, so being able to offer more people a studio close to their work or home is key to our offering,” she says.

“When we brought EMS training to South Africa in 2011 we knew it would resonate with health-conscious South Africans, but we could never have predicted that we would have reached 30 studios in only six years,” she says.

To book a trial session at BODYTEC Bassonia email bassonia@bodytec.co.za

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