The Benefits of EMS As You Get Older

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EMS training is well-known for its incredible strength benefits in various areas for all age groups and fitness goals.

From those wanting to engage in EMS for the convenient time saving element, and those looking to combat lower back pain due to hours on end behind a desk, to elite athletes choosing to obtain a specific edge in their training, EMS training is ideal for anyone.

For those getting older, who may be wondering how this benefits them, we have the answer.

As we age, we often see 3 big factors which start to take place in the human body. One is muscle atrophy, which is when muscles begin to deteriorate due to inactivity.

Another is loss in bone density, where small fractures and acute injuries start to become common.

The last factor, and probably the most important, is lack of total physical strength and body awareness, not only in a few muscles but the entire body. This has slow detrimental effects on posture, a slowed down walking pace and stabilizing the body in unfamiliar positions.

What many people fail to understand is that strength-based training starts to take a much greater prevalence than cardiovascular activity at this stage of life. Whilst this does not mean it is more important, it simply cannot be ignored when considering the fact that strength training primarily improves all 3 of the above mentioned issues facing the elderly in terms of functional abilities.

For anyone over the age of 65, a transition to being able to live the rest of one’s life uninhibited from the natural aging processes of our bodies becomes a new normal, and this simply means proactively focussing on strength training.

The beauty of EMS training as we get older and up lies in its established principles. EMS training is a form of the most intense training in the fitness industry to date, HIIST (High intensity interval strength training), but due to its slow and controlled nature, is seen as the safest form of HIIST in the industry. The greatest benefit for adults over 65 is not just due to the safe nature of EMS training but more towards the fact that individuals can activate their entire musculature simultaneously for 10 minutes

If you’re over the age of 65 and would like to combat muscular atrophy, loss in bone density and a lack of totally physical strength, with EMS training, contact your nearest studio today.

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