The best foods that can add to your Sun Protection Factor (SPF) this summer

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The best foods that can add to your Sun Protection Factor (SPF) this summer:

You will probably spend enough time out in the sun this summer to know how to protect yourself from its dangerous rays. But even if you’re diligently donning your favourite hat and a healthy layer of SPF every time you hit the beach, you’re probably still being exposed to harmful UV rays that are present even on cloudy days. That’s why it never hurts to go the extra mile and there’s an easy way to boost your skin’s defences from the inside out.

Incorporate these healthy snacks and foods into your diet for added sun protection.

Bonus: Many work as anti-ageing agents, too.


Also known for its fat-burning benefits, green tea is full of antioxidants that have been proven to reduce the risk of cancer. These powerful leaves offer photo-protection from the sun’s radiation, blocking UV lights that cause skin tumors. You should be sipping the green stuff twice a day for increased protection.


These fresh summer favourites earn a spot on the list for their high levels of lycopene, which increases collagen levels in your skin, boosting elasticity, as well as neutralizing the harmful effects of UV light.

Toss tomatoes with some cos Lettuce for a Vitamin A-rich, skin-healthy blend.


Ellagic Acid and anti-inflammatories abound in this fruit’s bright, gem-like seeds, giving your skin an extra layer of protection against the summer sun. Pomegranates have some of the most potent antioxidants in existence. Antioxidants by definition protect against free radical damage caused by UV interaction with cellular structures.

Try whipping up a serving of Quinoa with Pomegranate, Nuts and Soft Herbs, or enjoy this fruit all by itself.


Also rich in heart-healthy Omega-3’s, salmon defends against cancer with its impressive levels of sun tolerance-boosting Vitamin D, the production of which is inhibited by sunscreen. Eat foods full of omegas and Vitamin D so as to boost constitutive sun tolerance and native protection, but supplement by applying sunscreen when out in the sun. In terms of preparation; raw salmon (think sushi or sashimi) likely contains higher levels of UV-fighting ingredients than cooked.

Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate is full of flavonoids proven to improve blood circulation in cardiac vessels. Flavonoids increase blood flow by dilating the vessels, which helps to protect your body when your skin burns.

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