Should you get an Air fryer? PLUS giveaway worth over R3600!

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Philips XL Airfryer

Food bloggers everywhere are raving about air fryers being the latest, guilt-free kitchen appliance to enjoy homemade fried foods that taste amazing but are healthier than traditional methods.

Since we love both tech and food, we’ve delved deeper into the benefits of air frying, and whether you should consider getting one.

How do air fryers work?

Instead of deep-frying food like chips, meat and pastries in oil, air fryers circulate hot air around a cooking basket to create crunchy, perfectly prepared fried food.

What are the benefits of Air frying?

More flavour, less fat

Likely the best motivation to try an air fryer is if you like crispy hot chips but aren’t a fan of the fat content. Air frying produces a similar result to traditional deep-frying with up to 90% less fat content, according to leading home appliance manufacturer, Philips.

Less cooking time

Airfrying is perfect for those with a busy lifestyle as it involves no waiting for an oven to heat up or standing by the stove while your food cooks. You simply have to place your food in the air frying cooking basket, press a button to start cooking and listen for the timer to let you know when it’s ready while finishing off other tasks – or simply putting your feet up.

Various settings

Even though the air fryer was not created to replace other kitchen appliances such as ovens, roasting, baking and grilling features are included in its function.

Precision function

All the things you could do while your food prepares itself become possible with an air fryer. Not only is preparation time faster than traditional cooking but the technology has been designed with a timing function which means that no monitoring is required.

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