5 Easy Last Minute Gifts People Will Love

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Christmas is around the corner, and if you still have a few last minute gifts to buy for family or friends, we’ve got you sorted. From the hardest to buy for, to the easier, we’ve listed our favourite easy last minute gifts people will love!

1)      The Chef – multi-blade herb scissors

Herbs are wonderful additions to meals but they’re often not the easiest to cut into tiny pieces. The chef in your family will love multi-blade herb scissors as they quickly and easily cut up herbs removing annoying chopping from the equation. They’re easy to use and easy to wash and make adding herbs to salads, roasts and dishes a treat!

 Herb Scissors

Multi-blade herb scissors, R119 – Yuppiechef

2)      The Techie – power bank

Smartphones are everywhere these days. Unfortunately though, many of them don’t have very long battery life. Power banks make excellent last minute gifts as they’re practical and there aren’t very many people who won’t use one. Choose one with a good battery power and you’ll make the techie in your life very happy this Christmas.


Power bank, 10 000 mAh, R279 – Takealot

3)       The Fun One – Bluetooth speakers

Christmas, New Year’s or birthdays, Bluetooth speakers are great for the person in your life who loves music, having a good time and dancing. They make playing music so much simpler and don’t have to cost a fortune. They’re also great for holidays as they’re portable and fit into any suitcase with ease.

 Bluetooth speaker

Bluetooth speakers, R399 – Takealot

4)      The Outdoorsman – headlamp

Headlamps are surprisingly useful. Whether you’re retrieving items that are stored in your roof, tinkering in the garage or going camping, headlamps light up your path whilst freeing up your hands. They range in price as well as lighting, with some even including flickering abilities. They’re fairly bright as well and will always come in handy.

 Head lamp

Headlamp, R450 – Cape Union Mart

5)      The Homebody – diffuser

For the friend who really loves their home, diffusers are great gifts. They’re aesthetically pleasing and they smell great. They’re also available in various designs and colours to suit the person you’re buying for, or even their interior design style. Either way, they’re a delight for any home.


Diffuser, R379 – @home

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