3 of the most unique water filters

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Have you noticed the grime that builds up in your water bottle lid? This can be caused by a residue of minerals that occur naturally in water. Although not harmful, having super clean water would be a bonus. Plus, with dam levels dipping worryingly low in the Western Cape, and Gautengers concerned about toxic mine waste that has entered the water table, water cleanliness is a hot talking point.

Besides the potential health concerns, much of our water just “doesn’t taste right”. Investing in a gadget that delivers sweet-tasting and bacteria-free water seems like a no brainer. While filtration systems that form part of the infrastructure of your kitchen are great (they also add a good selling point to your house, say property experts) they are pricy. If you’re not quite ready to commit, try one of these water innovations. They are proof that better tasting water needn’t be bottle bought.

#1 Looks like a log, works like a charm

Don’t write this off because it looks like waste from your weekend braai. The Kuro-Bo Natural Charcoal Water Filter is made of activated charcoal, or binchotan – the Japanese are big fans of this cleansing option and have used it for centuries. It doesn’t look hitech, but there’s fascinating science at work. The charcoal attracts positively-charged toxins and heavy metals, and draws them out of the water, while depositing beneficial minerals into the water. Activated charcoal also balances the water’s pH. A single stick of Kuro-Bo charcoal can give you up to three months of cleaner, healthier, better-tasting water.

R235 from Faithful-to-nature.co.za

3 of the most unique water filters | BODYTEC

#2 Sip while you sweat

Wouldn’t it be great to have fresh, cold water available to you on every trail run – without having to carry it? With the LifeStraw Go you can stop at a river, stream, or even a puddle and access the good stuff instantly! Just fill up the bottle, screw on the lid, and sip filtered water through the mouthpiece. The tube removes bacteria and viruses from the water. It uses a hollow fibre membrane technology that forces water through narrow fibres under high pressure, trapping contaminants and allowing the clean water through tiny pores in the wall of the hollow fibres.

R399 from yuppiechef.com

3 of the most unique water filters | BODYTEC

#3 Water that moves with you

Investing in a water filter system can feel like a bit of a grudge purchase if you are renting or planning to move from your home in a couple of years. The BIBO Water Bar is a once-off investment that will follow you wherever you go. Place it on your kitchen counter and it will serve up pure, ice cold or hot, clean water. It uses a multi-stage purification process to eliminate chlorine, chemicals and bacteria. Because it is energy efficient it’s also a great alternative to a kettle. Save cash and space – we love a multitasking gadget!

R13 495 from faithful-to-nature.co.za

3 of the most unique water filters | BODYTEC

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