Top free apps to get you through extended-lockdown

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We’ve compiled a list of our top home workout apps to help you stay fit and strong during this time. We’ve found the top FREE apps to help you sleep better, meditate, track your progress and success, and even help your kids meditate!

Here are our top home workout suggestions:

Meditation: Insight Timer

What we like:

  • Variety of meditation programs including relaxation and sleep programs as well as talks that cover a wide range of topics
  • Great for beginners
  • Can select the duration of meditation
  • Easy to use app

This app has many programmes built into it including programmes for coping with anxiety, sleep improvement, managing stress, music for meditation, and even meditation tips for kids!

Check out the app here:

Nutrition: MyFitnessPal

What we like:

  • Helps you to calculate your daily calorie requirements
  • Lifestyle blog with articles on exercise, nutrition, meditation
  • Food diary where you can input your meals and it will calculate how many calories you have consumed so you can stay on your calorie target
  • Recipe bank with a variety of recipes in different categories e.g. immune support, pantry staples, high protein, low carb, under 300 calories and many more
  • Easy to use app

Looking for recipes and a fitness blog all in one app while also calculating your daily calorie intake? Then this app is perfect for you!

Check out the app here:

Exercise: Nike

What we like:

  • Great variety of workouts ranging from yoga to strength workout programs
  • Programs that range from beginner to advanced level
  • Great number of home workouts that require no exercise equipment
  • Easy to follow videos with clear instructions
  • Options to do workouts as quick as 5 minutes
  • Ability to build training plans tailored to your training goals, fitness level, time and equipment available
  • Huge amount of exercise programs and content in a simple and easy to use app

This app contains programmes to help you start up with home workouts, get fit, become lean, or work on your body weight.

Check out the app here:

Exercise: Adidas Training by Runtastic

What we like:

  • Workouts are recommended based on your fitness level, training goals and how much time you have to exercise
  • A list of 190 exercises are included with explanations, muscle groups worked as well as the level of the exercise (basic, intermediate, tough).
  • Ability to design a bodyweight workout based on which muscle group you would like to isolate as well as how much time you have available
  • Can participate in Fit From Home challenges
  • Easy to follow exercise videos
  • Adidas has granted free access to their premiere membership for 90 days

 You can track your daily activities with this great app as well as your training progress and goals. You can even read up on some success stories from the app.

 Check out the app here:

Exercise: FitOn

What we like:

  • Large variety of workout programs that are presented in easy to follow videos
  • Trending workouts are updated on the newsfeed
  • Different and fun workouts are included ranging from strength and low impact workouts to dance, barre, pilates, stretch and yoga
  • Workouts as short as 7 minutes that can be done at home
  • Office workouts are also available which use desks and chairs
  • Fun and challenging workouts which you can also invite your friends to join to increase enjoyment and motivation
  • Workouts that cater for both beginners and experienced exercisers

If you’re looking for an app that has all the information you need to keep you fit and motivated, this app is for you! The answers to all your concerns and questions can be found here.

Check out the app here:


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