MooiMaak Couple Gets BODYTEC Makeover

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Every Thursday at 9pm, Clare Wiese-Wentzel takes ready-for-change participants through a transformational makeover to live a happier and healthier life. In this season of Mooimaak, which airs on DSTV channel 144 – kykNet, 14 participants are afforded the chance to improve their wellness game with intense, rapidly visible BODYTEC training sessions.

We had so much fun in studios and can’t wait for you to see the results. We can’t give away any spoilers, except that seeing people transform before your eyes with consistency and discipline, is so satisfying to watch. Tune in to the show to see what the daily routines for each Mooimaak makeover involved.

In need of a little more motivation than most, married couple of 16 years, Joe and Tanya De Silva Ferreira, were the first to join our EMS training sessions. Having faced job loss, a fight with cancer, and parenting four children, Joe and Tanya were eager to see how joining the show could change their lives for the better.

Tanya & Joe MooiMaak transformation

“Both of us hadn’t trained for years and being out of shape, after I fought breast cancer, my body had been through so much that I feared the first training session. Our fears were put to rest upon entering BODYTEC Century City with a warm welcome and lots of laughter. We did not expect the workout to be so challenging and had no idea that we would work up a sweat in one 20-minute session,” Tanya said. “MooiMaak has been a life-changing experience for Joe and I. We felt uncomfortable in our own skin and MooiMaak made it possible for us to live life again, and to enjoy every moment with confidence. They proved that you are never too old to reinvent yourself.”

She also said that muscle strength for both her and Joe improved within just a few sessions. “The results after only 10 sessions were mind blowing. Our flexibility and strength increased. I was impressed with the progress, flexibility and strength in my left arm, where I had lymph nodes removed during double mastectomy treatment. I can now lift my arm higher with less pain and I prefer BODYTEC to the typical gym options out there. We think that it’s a great option for those who are wanting to lose weight and gain muscle whilst toning their body. I also love that you have a personal trainer working with you, ensuring that your movements are correct and giving you the best results.”

Sometimes, guidance is all that is needed for people to get back on track when they veer off the healthy-living path. The show allowed Tanya and Joe to not only change but maintain their lifestyle. “Our lives have had a breath of fresh air blown into them, one filled with healthy choices which in turn give us the energy to live life, laugh often and love beyond words. Thank you BODYTEC for being a big part of this journey and making us a better version of ourselves.”

Tanya & Joe MooiMaak transformation

While Joe now runs his NHBRC registered construction business, Arouca Construction, Tanya runs Breast Cancer Awareness South Africa, an NPO supporting breast cancer survivors with primary breast health care, treatment, education and personal care bags available to the less fortunate.

Tune in to Mooimaak every Thursday until February 2021 at 9pm on KykNet, DSTV channel 144.

Also take a look at what another show participant, Riëtte Bester, had to say about her transformation experience at BODYTEC Paarl.

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