Monique and Juandre Kruger chat about balancing family and fitness

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Monique & Juandre Kruger BODYTEC EMS training

Often, the push that we need for a better quality of life is not working harder or removing tasks from our schedule, but simply finding a smart solution to buy back time.

For the international pro-rugby player, Juandre Kruger, and his entrepreneurial wife, Monique, learning to maintain family life, personal goals and business at the same time, is no foreign concept. We sat down with the couple to find out how they do it:

WATCH the interview here (duration 46s):

Like most South African households, school runs are a consistent part of the Krugers’ schedule. Juandre loves dropping his kids off at school and keeps his energised momentum going with weekly BODYTEC sessions.

The couple discovered the benefits of EMS training while abroad and became hooked on improving endurance and overall fitness in just 20-minutes, each week.

As a former Springbok rugby player, the sport may have tested Juandre’s endurance but maintaining his energy for afternoon activities with his kids may be the greatest endurance test of all.

For Monique, the introduction of EMS training meant more excitement, better direction, and faster results than any other fitness training she’s done before. We’ll take her word for it 😉

To join our EMS training community, book a trial at your nearest studio.

You can also follow the Krugers’ fitness journey on Instagram by following their separate accounts:

Juandre – @juandrekruger

Monique – @kruger_khaos

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