Post-Natal Exercise After Pregnancy and Birth of Baby | BODYTEC EMS strength training

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Stretch marks, sensitive breasts, and prominent veins are just some of the wonderful surprises nature hands you in addition to your new tot after giving birth.

Undergoing nine months of extreme body changes to grow another human being, can take its toll on your body, not to mention the ability to recover the bodily strength and stamina you’d had before pregnancy.

Aside from the physical changes, new moms often experience incontinence, lower back pain, lengthening and separation of the abdominal muscles, and a more-than-usual lack of energy.

New moms experiencing urinary incontinence would be relieved to know that this embarrassing condition can be treated with consistent EMS training sessions, which would not only strengthen muscles but enhance body physique, improve your mood, increase vitality, body stability and stamina.

“For most women after pregnancy, a high focus should be placed on strengthening the abdominals, pelvic floor and overall core muscles – with a high emphasis on correct form and posture in all exercises,” says the Head of the BODYTEC® Training Academy Sharne Botha. “BODYTEC® is a perfectly-suited training solution to achieve this, as every single exercise activates these muscle groups and in comparison to most conventional training methods, also activates deeper muscle tissues in the core area, which are generally more difficult to activate.”

And regarding sensitive breasts? “Avoid impact movements, such as jumping, running, rapid changes of body position or movements that involve the chest muscles,” recommends Sharne. Think controlled and slow movements and exercises in the first few weeks after giving birth.

Another aspect often overlooked, as it’s not directly linked to the changes of the body during or after pregnancy, is your lack of energy. Many new moms face an increased energy demand due to milk production, a lack of sleep and the emotional demands of being a parent. That means, recovery periods after training sessions should be a bit longer, and the training duration should be shorter and more focused in order to avoid losing training motivation, Sharne suggests.

He recommends waiting at least 6 weeks before starting formal exercise if you’ve had a natural birth, and 8 – 12 weeks for surgical births.

In the interim, what can do at home to get you moving in those first few weeks?

Sharne recommends the following home exercises if you’ve had a natural birth:

1. Typical Crunch

Place both feet flat on the ground with your knees at a 90-degree angle. Place both hands on your thighs and slowly lift your fingers and chest towards your knee. Then slowly lower your body back down.

Reps: 15 to 20 reps

Set: 3 to 5 depending on your level of fitness before or during pregnancy.

2. Side Crunch

In the same position as a typical crunch, move your hands towards opposite ankles (one side at a time). Apply the same slow controlled movements while moving up and down.

Reps: 15 to 20

Sets: 3 to 5 depending on your level of fitness before or during pregnancy.

3. Knee Squeeze

Take a pillow or a soft ball (two tennis balls work well too) and in the same position as a typical crunch, place the pillow or ball(s) between your knees. Slowly squeeze your knees together and release. Be sure to widen your knees to the space of at least two fists to avoid putting too much strain on your pelvic area.

Reps: 15

For more information on rapid body transformation after giving birth, chat to a BODYTEC training expert by emailing us on

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