Creative Gym Hacks You Need To Know

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Going to the gym can sometimes be a mission to do, but everyone knows that once you’re there, you’re good to go. Everyone has excuses, mishaps or time restraints that prevent them from going, but there are ways around those.

Our list of creative gym hacks are bound to make it easier for you to get to, and work out at, the gym.

1)      Keep your gym bag in the car

This may seem like an obvious one once you’ve thought about it, but many people use the excuse of not having their gear with them for not going to gym. The thought of also having to go home and change puts many people off going to gym. Having your gym bag in the car means you don’t have an excuse, and it saves you time and energy.

2)      Up your foam rolling game

Foam rolling has many benefits but many people skip it altogether because they don’t have an actual foam roller. Get creative! You can easily use your water bottle in place of your foam roller, or even other creative things you have lying around the house – hello, pool noodle!

3)      Protect your valuables

Many weight lifters and serious gym lovers take off their wedding ring before heading to the weights section, resulting in a fair amount of lost rings. Simply head to your local hardware store and buy a sturdy climbing carabiner and attach it to your keys. This way you can hook your wedding ring on without worrying about dropping it or losing it.

4)      Use your playlist as a timer

Create a playlist that’s timed to your preferred length and use that as your timer for the treadmill, rowing machine or circuit. It will keep you motivated and it’s all your favourite songs so you’re not getting bored or annoyed with other people’s (or the gym’s) boring music.

5)      Prevent smells in your shoes

We all know that shoes after working out smell bad! And smelly shoes in a gym bag smell even worse! Pack dry tea bags and shove them into your shoes once you’re heading home to prevent them from smelling terrible.

6)      WARM UP!

Many people think warming up takes up more time but skipping it can actually mean more time working out because your muscles are using your workout as a warm up too. Warming up properly means your muscles can do the actual work out properly rather than trying to warm up at the same time.

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