20-minute home strength training workout

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Whilst BODYTEC had to unplug temporarily as part of South Africa’s nationwide lockdown in response to COVID-19, it does not mean you should stop your strength training, even if you only have 20 minutes. Building resilience and strength is important, particularly now! 

We are offering you these 6 simple, yet effective moves to help you stay on track, no matter where you find yourself (think balcony, rooftop, garden, basement or living room). Using only your own body weight, these versatile moves can help you sustain the strength you need.


Do 3 sets per exercise with 10 – 15 repetitions each.

30 seconds rest between sets.

Keep repetitions slow and controlled.

Repeat full routine up to three times per week for best results.

6 strength-building exercises:


  • Feet facing forward and shoulder-width apart
  • Keep knees behind toes
  • Hips drop inline with knees
  • Ensure upright posture and tight core

BODYTEC at home strength Training - Squat



  • Prone position on elbows
  • Hold position still
  • Maintain a solid posture with no arch in the lower back and no bum high in the air
  • Constant core activation 

BODYTEC at home strength Training - Plank


  • Lie down with legs bent and feet about 10cm from hips (under knees)
  • Hips thrust up to be in line with knees at a diagonal
  • Keep arms grounded
  • Maintain core activation 

BODYTEC at home strength Training - Bridge


  • Hands placed underneath the shoulders
  • Full scapula protraction when pushing
  • Ensure flat back with a tight, engaged core
  • Keep feet grounded and close together

BODYTEC at home strength Training - Push Up 


  • 1 leg in front with the other behind and in line with the body
  • Bend back knee first
  • Ensure front knee does not go over the front foot
  • Maintain a tight core and upright posture

BODYTEC at home strength Training - Lunge

Plank retractions

  • Lie on your elbows with knees off the ground (ground knees if too difficult)
  • Slowly drop down and get scapula to retract
  • Maintain core activation
  • Don’t let your lower back arch whilst dropping down

BODYTEC at home strength Training - Plank retraction


Interested in more Home Workouts? Take a look at our 20-minute Home Workout Video series with Basic, Intermediate and Advanced levels.

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