A BODYTEC “rookie” reports back

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A women training in a BODYTEC studio

Stania Davies, 45, was the winner of one month’s free training at our Umhlanga Ridge studio in our Well I Am Challenge. She shares her experience as a newcomer to EMS training.

How did your first session go?

I was a bit apprehensive at first – I was unsure what the “shocks” to my body would do, and it took some time to realise I wouldn’t drop dead! However, soon I liked the sensation and the challenge, and even asked to “turn it up” to the highest level I could stand. I really enjoyed it as it was a new sensation and to work against the resistance was a great challenge. On the whole, it was excellent to feel the resistance – it made me feel I was really working out hard.

What did your trainer instruct you to do that would work for you?

For my first two sessions we agreed to focus on my tummy area, but I think we covered all the muscles, it was pretty much the whole body.

What did you enjoy most about the session?

The entire session was very pleasant and fun due to the trainers who were so friendly and professional and made me feel so welcome.

How did you feel afterwards?

I felt exhausted – as if I had biked for hours in a social race – which I do few times a year, and it felt great to have worked out so hard, even though it took just 20 minutes.

How did you feel the next day?

Broken. I started feeling it all over my body the next day, but the surprise came in the morning of the second day when I struggled to get out of bed! I could feel every tiny muscle, especially all over my back.

What are you keen to get out of BODYTEC now?

In my case I think losing weight is more about calorie intake than training. I would like EMS training to help me to strengthen my tummy muscles, stimulate my love handles to melt away and to help me get rid of my cellulite on the back of my thighs, or at least reduce it. I really felt that every tiny muscle is forced to be engaged and that in my mind is the greatest benefit which is harder to achieve with regular training. So in my case, I would look mainly at a body definition.

What sport/exercise do you do and how does BODYTEC compare?

I do biking regularly and am trying to get back to body boarding after some quiet years. I do various DVD exercises at home and I used to go to a gym, but it was time consuming. BODYTEC is so much more efficient, both time wise and in targeting every muscle.

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