New studio alert: BODYTEC Douglasdale

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New owner, Michelle Torannini-Branco describes her venture to becoming a BODYTEC franchisee as living her best life.


Whilst on maternity leave, Michelle (pictured left), decided to drop her corporate IT boardroom meetings for BODYTEC sessions to regain the energy and strength needed to care for her first baby at 46 years old.

Her wife had begun training at BODYTEC Ruimsig in Cradlestone Mall two years ago and she was amazed at the transformation, particularly at how lean and defined her core had become, and how radically her strength had improved.

Michelle says that becoming a BODYTEC business owner made sense to her on so many levels. Having picked up a considerable amount of weight during her pregnancy, and developing knee and joint pain, she not only wanted to alleviate her pain but regain her strength to a point that was sufficient for her to care for her baby. And after over two decades spent in marketing and strategy positions within reputable ICT companies, she was ready to walk the talk and is now the new Douglasdale Village studio owner.

When she’s not enjoying quality time with her wife and child, she can be found exploring new hiking trails, admiring the barrier reefs of the Maldives, and moving about in nature.

Be the first to book a session at BODYTEC Douglasdale, here.

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