Meet 2 of BODYTEC’s first partners, Jessica & Troy

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BODYTEC Founding Partner Jessica

It’s been a decade since we opened our first BODYTEC studio!

Personal trainers, owners and members who have been with us from the start have saved thousands of hours and gained a better quality of life by choosing to Train Smarter, Get Stronger with BODYTEC.

We’ve had fun, we’ve had challenges (oh boy, have we had challenges), but we’re a stronger community because of it.

Two of our current franchise partners, Jessica and Troy, started working at the first BODYTEC studio as personal trainers in 2011. Jessica had previously worked on cruise liners in the Caribbean, while Troy worked as a restaurant supplier before pursuing fitness through personal training. Neither of them expected that they would be studio owners just three years later, and “Wowweeee! What a ride…” is how Jessica describes a decade of EMS training.

Some members become good friends and at BODYTEC Newlands, Troy recalled having great sessions with one of his long-standing members – and now close friend – Tom, who has a ‘wicked sense of humour’. When they’re not working up a sweat in the studio, they spend quite a bit of time at wine farms, restaurants, and social engagements together.

At BODYTEC Tygervalley, Jessica recalled meeting many wonderful members throughout the years, making many friends and enjoying sessions with members like Liesbet, who has been training with her since she joined BODYTEC City Bowl, 10 years ago.

The key to longevity as a studio owner, Troy says, is to stay positive and always be constructive with communication. “Remember [that] you don’t know what mountain the next person has to climb as you have not been in their shoes.”

Consistency is also an essential part of starting and growing as a studio according to Jessica. “It will be the hardest thing you do, but also the most rewarding and satisfying. Ensure that your passion lies in genuinely helping people improve their lives. Be prepared to stick it out alone when things get tough….and it will. Respect and love yourself when your business is successful and when it’s not.”


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