BODYTEC Opens in Silverlakes!

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BODYTEC will soon be opening in Silverlakes, Pretoria and will be in the experienced hands of a father and daughter duo!

Peter and Mila were introduced to BODYTEC by their wife and mother who enjoyed training at the Erasmuskloof studio and achieved great results. They then researched the concept further and spoke to other friends who trained at BODYTEC, receiving more positive feedback about EMS training.

Mila and Peter Karras have been living in Silverlakes, Pretoria, for 12 years, and have both been involved in the fitness industry in one way or another. Mila holds a Bachelor of Sports Science degree and has successfully completed the IIFT International Institute for Sports Science and fitness training (NQF level 5) as well fitness instructor training for Steiner Services cruise ships. She has previously worked at Virgin Active as a personal trainer and currently trains people in the privacy of their own home as a personal trainer. She is passionate about spinning, yoga, and pilates.

Peter is a qualified chartered accountant for 27 years and is a director of a medium size practice for the same time. He has also owned various businesses, mostly in the food and beverage industry. Peter has been actively part of a weight and fitness training program in a private gym for 15 years. After noticing the fantastic results his wife obtained from training at BODYTEC Erasmuskloof, he and Mila decided to bring BODYTEC to the Silverlakes area.

The BODYTEC Silverlakes studio will be opening in Hazeldean Square on the 1st of August 2018.

If you would like to book a trial session at the BODYTEC Silverlakes studio in the meantime, please email silverlakes@bodytec.co.za.

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