20-minute family-friendly recipes to try

Family recipes

Make the most of family time by preparing hot home-cooked meals that are deeply satisfying and don’t require much preparation time. Whether for solo meal planning or cooking for family, each of the recipes below is packed with flavour and can be prepared in 20 minutes. Vegan Coconut Chickpea Curry You’ll need 2 tsp of […]

5 Stress-relieving foods to start eating

Foods that fight stress

We all feel stressed from time to time – big decisions, deadlines, conflict, even having too much coffee can cause stress in the body. When you’re experiencing more aches and pains, having trouble sleeping, are constantly feeling exhausted or dizzy, it could be a sign of too much stress. What is stress? A natural response […]

Mouth-watering 20-minute recipes for 2

Mouth-watering 20-minute recipes for 2 | BODYTEC

Make mealtimes a way to stay connected, have positive conversations, and choose healthy lifestyle options together. It can be difficult to implement healthy eating when you’re facing the journey alone, or worse when you’re making a lifestyle change and being confronted with junk food that your partner is enjoying. Often, a couple’s journey to improving […]

Why you’re always tired after eating sugar

Why you’re always tired after eating sugar | BODYTEC

If you’re always feeling tired but can’t pinpoint the reason, what you’re eating could be the problem. You may be familiar with the term sugar rush, but if you haven’t already heard of it, this usually refers to a burst of energy experienced after consuming large quantities of sugar. While sugar is most obviously present […]

5 Plant-based meat substitutes to try

5 Plant-based meat substitutes to try | BODYTEC

Veganism or plant-based nutrition is all the rage right now. Why make the switch to plant-based eating? Numerous documentaries and academic journals can answer this question in greater detail. A handful of the benefits to making the switch from meat to plant-based alternatives include lowering blood pressure, blood sugar, cholesterol, and weight. A plant-based diet […]

Tasty and nutritious snack combinations – all under 250 calories!

Tasty and nutritious snack combinations – all under 250 calories! | BODYTEC

The difference between gaining and losing a pound a week hinges on a few calories. If you’ve ever snacked your way through a party-sized bag of chips, then you’ve probably sworn snacking to being your worst enemy when it comes to weight loss. When in fact, when done correctly, snacking can curb hunger and aid […]

9 Easy prepped meals you’ll love

9 Easy prepped meals you’ll love | BODYTEC

Do you find sticking to your exercise plan easy, but when it comes to prepping your meals things fall apart? Part of the reason people fail in this department is that there is a perception that it takes so much time to prep meals. But think about it. Whether you are prepping meals to lose […]

20 Foods with the longest shelf life

20 Foods with the longest shelf life | BODYTEC

With grocery shopping restrictions across the globe due to coronavirus lockdowns, now is the best time to acquaint yourself with foods that not only boost your immune system but remain fresh for longer, especially if you’re concerned about experiencing a food shortage or would prefer to stay indoors for the duration of your quarantine period. […]

20 healthy 20-minute meals

20 healthy 20-minute meals | BODYTEC

 Make 2020 a year of healthy eating. Try this selection of healthy, tasty and convenient 20-minute meals. Saltimbocca with a twist Sliced eland loin on coconut greens Salmon Spaghetti with green beans and tomato Pesto pasta Thai chicken flatbread Tasty grilled steak with honey-roasted cherry tomatoes, rocket and parmesan Zucchini, cauli risotto with Parmesan and […]

Does intermittent fasting work?

Does intermittent fasting work? | BODYTEC

Whether you’re applying it to your own life or simply want to read more about it, we’ve sourced the expert insight of nutritionist, Marli Havinga, to fill you in on everything you need to know about the world’s hottest weight-loss trend. What is intermittent fasting? Intermittent fasting is an eating pattern, unrelated to religious or […]