How sitting too much can affect your health

Health Risks of Sitting

In 2019, Business Tech reported that South Africa was one of the most traffic-congested countries in the world. The article sourced a traffic scorecard that placed South Africa as the eighth most congested country, where drivers spend on average 36 hours sitting in peak traffic per year. That’s almost two days of sitting which may […]

Benefits of BODYTEC EMS training for moms

BODYTEC for moms

Discover the benefits of BODYTEC for mothers, as vouched for directly by moms who’ve tried – and loved – it! Whether you’re wanting to get your strength and body back after giving birth or are simply managing a busy lifestyle, weekly EMS training at BODYTEC could be the fitness solution you’ve been looking for. Watch […]

Should you get an Air fryer? PLUS giveaway worth over R3600!

Philips XL Airfryer

Food bloggers everywhere are raving about air fryers being the latest, guilt-free kitchen appliance to enjoy homemade fried foods that taste amazing but are healthier than traditional methods. Since we love both tech and food, we’ve delved deeper into the benefits of air frying, and whether you should consider getting one. How do air fryers […]

4 ways that optimism can benefit your health


You may have always known that the quality of your thoughts can impact your physical and mental health but some of these benefits of positive thinking may surprise you. Did you know that a positive thinker is more likely to eat well, avoid smoking, and exercise regularly? Whether you’re a regular positive thinker or someone […]

What time should you sleep to wake up feeling rested?

Sleep cycles to wake up well rested

Wake up feeling recharged by planning your bedtime according to sleep cycles. Sleep is one of the most important components of wellness. When you don’t get enough sleep, you may notice that your physical and mental performance are not at their best. You may experience weight gain, digestive issues, reduced levels of productivity, the inclination […]

Combat cabin fever with these indoor activities

Indoor activities

Cabin fever is real and for some, staying in can quickly lead to boredom and irritability. While cabin fever is not a recognised psychological illness, Medical News Today reports that the physical and emotional effects can significantly affect one’s quality of life. It presents itself as changes in eating habits, sleeping too much, having difficulty […]

BODYTEC couples share the benefits of training together

BODYTEC couples share the benefits of training together | BODYTEC

Few things are as satisfying as doing something you like with someone you love. We believe that couples who train together are happier in their relationships and we’ve chatted to numerous pairs in the studio who echo that sentiment. It’s always satisfying to know that EMS sessions can rapidly increase a patient’s physical rehabilitation, that […]

The best gifts for fitness lovers in 2020

The best gifts for fitness lovers in 2020 | BODYTEC

Gifting is a thoughtful way of letting someone know that you appreciate them, and nothing says I-appreciate-you like a gift that suits the recipient. Our 2020 gift guide below will help you narrow down the search for presents that a fitness enthusiast might like. 20 gift ideas for the fitness enthusiast in your life: Massage […]

3 books about sport and life all athletes must read

3 books about sport and life all athletes must read | BODYTEC

If this is your year to take your sport seriously, even competitively, then it’s time to hit the books. Time spent working on your Personal Best, clocking up kilometres on your bike or grinding away at those core exercises will of course get you far. But all athletes know that to really get ahead your […]