20-minute home strength training workout

20-minute home strength training workout | BODYTEC

Whilst BODYTEC had to unplug temporarily as part of South Africa’s nationwide lockdown in response to COVID-19, it does not mean you should stop your strength training, even if you only have 20 minutes. Building resilience and strength is important, particularly now!  We are offering you these 6 simple, yet effective moves to help you […]

Team BODYTEC takes on Cape Epic

Team BODYTEC takes on Cape Epic | BODYTEC

The 17th annual ABSA Cape Epic, happening on 15 – 22 March 2020, promises to be the most thrilling race yet. Riders will have to navigate their way across the slopes of the Table Mountain National Park, through the exquisite Val de Vie Estate, and hundreds of kilometres of unspoiled scenery. The 8-day event will […]

Trail Runs & Marathons 2020

Trail Runs & Marathons 2020 | BODYTEC

BODYTEC offers both amateur and professional athletes the opportunity to build strength for endurance events like half marathons and trail runs with just 20 minutes of training a week. The challenge for many runners is that although they understand and acknowledge the need for strength training, many prefer the running track, open road or mountain […]

Mountain Bike Stage Races 2020

Mountain Bike Stage Races 2020 | BODYTEC

New year, new cycling adventures to conquer. Are you up for the challenge? We’ve put together a list of exciting Mountain Bike Stage races happening in SA, this year.  Here they are: SkyRide – Free State 1 February  2020 140km, 3 days   Tankwa Trek – Western Cape 6 February 2020   265km, 3 days […]

6 Stretches to build strength

6 Stretches to build strength | BODYTEC

Many of us are aware of the benefits of stretching to prevent injuries, reduce soreness, and boost muscle recovery, but we rarely think of stretching as a method to boost strength. How does stretching improve strength? Doing any of the six stretches below before and after your strength training workouts will help you improve blood […]

Can your genetics affect your fitness?

Can your genetics affect your fitness? | BODYTEC

Have you ever wondered if your ability (or inability) to carry out certain physical activities is based on your genes? Well here’s an interesting topic for table talk or a social media debate, depending on which you prefer: According to Dr Pieter van Jaarsveld, the South African psychologist and author of Think Your Way to […]

4 Common Myths About EMS Training

4 Common Myths About EMS Training | BODYTEC

If you’re under the impression that EMS training is a quick fix, it’s far from it. You’ll sweat, you’ll experience muscle-stimulation tougher than any traditional workout, and just as regular exercises require consistency, you’ll have to continue training to maintain and improve your strength and stamina. Here are 4 common myths about EMS training:   […]

5 Lifestyle mistakes preventing body progress

5 Lifestyle mistakes preventing body progress | BODYTEC

Are you sabotaging your body progress? When you’ve put in the time and effort but aren’t seeing results, it usually means that another lifestyle habit is denying your progress. Here are some reasons why you may not be reaching your body goals: Not getting enough sleep Not only is a lack of sleep associated with […]

Fitness trends for 2019

Fitness trends for 2019 | BODYTEC

If you’re passionate about working out, health, nutrition and longevity in general, this is for you! Check out these 5 fitness trends to follow: 1. It’s all about the tech When fitness and tech meet, there’s no looking back. It’s all about tracking and monitoring your fitness in 2019. With the rapid development of wearable […]