Why and when strength training is best for runners

Why and when strength training is best for runners | BODYTEC

The speed and endurance of runners always come down to the strength of their bodies. How strong are you? How much stronger can you become to improve your running time and endurance? We delve into proven tips for runners below:  Why runners need strength training The stronger you are, the faster you become In a […]

How BODYTEC EMS training differs from portable electro muscle stimulators


One common misconception about portable electric muscle stimulators or tele-EMS devices that are commonly used for personal home use is that the devices can be used to replace physical exercise. Many portable EMS products such as sensored shoulder and ab patches are promoted to have exceptionally powerful wireless technology that does all the hard work […]

7 ways to reduce your risk of injury while training


One of the worst things that could happen while you’re making great progress with exercise, is getting injured and having to pause your training. Accidents happen everywhere and while we can’t prevent all of them, we can reduce the risk of harm that our bodies experience through preparation. Some of these steps are quite obvious […]

4 Tips to boost winter training motivation 

Winter Training Motivation

If you’re finding it harder to work out in winter, we don’t blame you – it happens to us too. While winter means snug nights in and an increase of hot beverages, it also means a decrease in enthusiasm to train since our bodies work harder to keep us warm. An easy solution to low-spirited […]

Monique and Juandre Kruger chat about balancing family and fitness

Monique & Juandre Kruger BODYTEC EMS training

Often, the push that we need for a better quality of life is not working harder or removing tasks from our schedule, but simply finding a smart solution to buy back time. For the international pro-rugby player, Juandre Kruger, and his entrepreneurial wife, Monique, learning to maintain family life, personal goals and business at the […]

20 health & fitness myths to stop believing

Fitness Myths

As if maintaining a healthy lifestyle and fitness journey isn’t hard enough, some of us also have to deal with unsolicited advice from people who haven’t fact-checked their fitness tips. Added to that is the number of well-meaning but often untrue articles available on the internet. Here are 20 common health and fitness myths, we […]

How to stay fit during the festive season

How to stay fit during the festive season | BODYTEC

Even the most disciplined athletes indulge in decadent snacks once in a while. We welcome treating your palate to new and joy-sparking flavours, but we know how easy going off track can be when you’re surrounded by celebrations and a change in routine. The short answer to maintaining your health goal is to keep moving […]

MooiMaak Couple Gets BODYTEC Makeover

MooiMaak Couple Gets BODYTEC Makeover | BODYTEC

Every Thursday at 9pm, Clare Wiese-Wentzel takes ready-for-change participants through a transformational makeover to live a happier and healthier life. In this season of Mooimaak, which airs on DSTV channel 144 – kykNet, 14 participants are afforded the chance to improve their wellness game with intense, rapidly visible BODYTEC training sessions. We had so much […]

How a personal trainer can help you maximise your training results

How a personal trainer can help you maximise your training results | BODYTEC

When it comes to working out, we each have our own preferences – some will only work out with a personal trainer, others consider themselves home workout gurus who don’t need anyone’s help, and there are people who just can’t decide what’s the better option because exercise is exercise, right?  Over lockdown, many of us […]

Power up your cycling with EMS training

Power up your cycling with EMS training | BODYTEC

It is well known that general endurance sports such as cycling have firm training attention focused on covering large amounts of distances on a weekly basis to improve their cardiovascular capacity. Regardless of the distance covered on a weekly basis, cyclists often neglect to include enough strength training into their training routine. The general posture […]