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The best gifts for fitness lovers in 2020

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Gifting is a thoughtful way of letting someone know that you appreciate them, and nothing says I-appreciate-you like a gift that suits the recipient. Our 2020 gift guide below will help you narrow down the search for presents that a fitness enthusiast might like.

20 gift ideas for the fitness enthusiast in your life:

Massage Ball

More compact than the traditional foam roller and just as effective, a massage ball will help to reduce muscle fatigue, relieve pain, and is also small enough to keep in a gym bag.

Running Waist Bag

The last thing any runner wants is to be held back by items occupying their hands. Perfect for carrying keys and a smartphone, the waist bag is a no-bounce alternative to the backpack.

Puffer jacket

Gift a fitness lover a cosy, durable puffer jacket that can be worn all-year-round. British fell walker and guidebook author, Alfred Wainright, said it best, “there’s no such thing as bad weather, only unsuitable clothing.”

EMS Training Voucher

Of course, the gift of wellness is always a good option whether it’s a trial session that introduces them to a 20-minute, full-body workout, or our popular 10-session membership, helping them along their fitness journey. Want it before Christmas 2020? Buy a digital gift card HERE before 18 December 2020.

P.S. FNB eBucks members get up to 75% off any time of the year.

Audio sunglasses

For those who don’t like running with headphones but enjoy listening to music discreetly, audio sunglasses get our highest review for being both stylish and functional. Our favourite features include the ability to answer calls, the open-ear technology which allows you to listen to music and interact with the world around you, and a motion sensor feature for adjusting volume by sliding your finger across your temple.

Camp Travel Canister

Imagine a toiletry bag with a mini, built-in hanger that allows you to reach everything from shampoo to toothpaste at eye-level. It’s great for the gym and those on the go.

Apple Airpods pro

Apple Airpods offer hand-free activity and has noise-cancelling capability. This version of Airpods is also said to fit better and is sweat resistant.

Ankle/ Wrist weights

Increase the intensity of walks and other workouts by adding ankle weights, which will increase the heart rate and oxygen consumption.

Sportsmans Warehouse Gift Voucher

The best of both worlds – choice and variety. This voucher affords online or instore purchases of clothing, shoes and equipment or could serve as a contribution towards a bucket list item available at Sportsmans Warehouse.

Jabra Elite Active Earbuds

Fully waterproof and designed specifically for an active lifestyle, these Jabra earbuds are a strong contender to the Apple Airpod Pros. Its battery life lasts up to 7.5 hours and it’s compatible with all voice assistants – Alexa, Siri and Google Assistant.


A blender known for being easy to clean, the NutriBullet eases up cooking time and can be used for making smoothies, nut butter and soups, to mention a few.


Keep cold drinks cool and hot beverages warm with stainless steel, BPA-free, Phthalate-free flask.

Portable Punching bag

Boxing and martial arts enthusiasts may enjoy a break from shadow-boxing at home with this inflatable Everlast punching bag. It not only helps you save space by deflating the bag after training, but the 800g bag is also light enough to travel with.

GoPro Hero7

Ideal for adrenalin junkies who to like to document their experiences and fitness enthusiasts, recording their progress.

Hands-free dog leash set (with Glove)

Holding a leash is no longer required. We now simply place our hand in a glove that’s securely attached to a bungee leash, allowing both our furry friend and ourselves the freedom to run in close proximity.

Pilates mat

Slightly thicker than the yoga mat, the Pilates mat offers better cushioning against hard-floor bruises and provides support for balancing poses.

Hydration pack

Carry up to 2.5 litres of water comfortably with you while you hike, run or cycle. A hydration pack keeps water cool for hours and allows you to draw water using a hydration hose, attached to a removable water bladder.

Resistance band set

Resistance bands are great for improving form and toning hips, legs and glutes.

Sports Salt Bath Soak

A bath soak with Epsom salt, Himalayan crystals and magnesium sulphate can do wonders to help a body in recovery. These salts have major anti-inflammatory benefits and help to restore the body’s electrolyte balance.

Massage gun

An at-home solve to muscle soreness and stiffness, the massage gun can be used to relieve pain in the neck, back, arms and legs.


Do you have any gifts to add to the list? Let us know by sending a direct message to our Instagram or Facebook page.

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