9 Benefits of BODYTEC EMS Training

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If you’re looking for a convenient and effective way to build muscle strength, you probably want to find a method that has shown high levels of positive results. BODYTEC EMS is an effective method for strength training and increased core stability.

What is EMS training?

For those of you who haven’t heard about it before, EMS training is a form of muscle stimulation using electric impulses that trigger various reactions in your body. The most common reaction is an intense and strong muscle contraction.

At BODYTEC our focus is full-body strength training by stimulating high-intensity muscle contractions with the use of the medically SYMBIONT Smart Training System. EMS training allows up to 90% of muscles to be activated simultaneously, with the contractions reaching a much higher intensity than those done voluntarily. These impulses are combined with traditional low-impact exercises for an intense full-body workout.

How does it work?

A qualified trainer will match the EMS frequency and settings to your individual needs; this is accompanied by different sensations beneath the electrodes. You are then guided through a 20-minute full-body strength training session consisting of standard exercises like squats, lunges, bicep curls, shoulder extensions, and more. Although they are typically low-impact exercises done in a slow and controlled manner, the challenge of increasing muscle contractions turns them into a high-intensity strength workout.

What are the results?

The intensity of the EMS Tec Suits allows you to thoroughly work out all areas of the body simultaneously, whilst also effectively targeting problem areas. Research has shown EMS strength training to be much more effective than regular strength exercises when compared one-for-one, which means increased fitness, toning, strength and endurance in less time – 20 minutes a week is all you need. Whilst results vary from person to person, users can usually expect to see and feel a difference within six to eight consecutive (weekly) training sessions.

Who can do it?

Generally, anyone from the age of 18 to 85+ can exercise with BODYTEC. It is designed not only for those looking to tone up and build muscle but also for cross-training athletes who need additional strength training. It is especially ideal for those with a busy schedule as an EMS strength workout can be completed in just 20 minutes per week.

BODYTEC training has a low injury risk since it is a weight-free workout that doesn’t apply pressure on the joints.
However, certain medical conditions are known to be contraindications. EMS training with BODYTEC is not recommended for the following conditions:

(1) pregnancy;

(2) pacemaker or other electrical implants;

(3) acute illness, such as fever, viral infections or acute inflammatory processes.

Medical consent may be necessary for some physical conditions. These should be discussed with your trainer before any training commences.

The benefits of BODYTEC EMS

All you need is 20 minutes a week

EMS training delivers a full-body workout in just 20 minutes. During BODYTEC EMS training, the majority of the major muscle groups are activated in each session, therefore one 20-minute training session per week is sufficient. In order to achieve the most effective results for muscular adaptation and physical functioning, your body needs time to rest and recover. Research shows that in EMS training, recovery periods are significantly longer than for conventional weight and resistance training.

You’ll feel great

It’s no secret that when you look good, you feel good. Consistent BODYTEC EMS training will help improve your overall health and put a spring in your step.

You’ll improve core strength

Training with BODYTEC EMS improves your endurance and core strength since it allows you to accomplish longer muscular contraction intervals than you can with conventional exercises. For the average person, engaging the core muscles is a challenge. At BODYTEC, electro-muscle stimulation activates these muscles directly, ensuring the development of core strength.

Reduce back pain

BODYTEC EMS training allows you to improve your posture, and balance, and reduce back pain. EMS training has its roots in the medical field and was initially used to help patients in their recovery from injuries or to help with the reduction of pain-related symptoms. The research found whole-body EMS training to be time-saving, low-impact, and an effective training method for reducing non-specific lower back pain compared to no training.

You’ll be faster and last longer

EMS training is an effective form of training to improve strength, endurance, and speed.

You’ll be more resilient to injuries

You can’t avoid injuries, but you can make the difference between a hiccup and a game-ending injury. BODYTEC EMS training can assist you in protecting your body from injuries.

You’ll look and feel healthier

The power of a good workout will lead you to make improvements to other areas of your life like healthier food choices, better sleep and even encouraging those around you to follow suit.

You’ll be a better athlete

As an athlete, your level of strength and performance is essential. Strength does not necessarily mean muscle mass, but rather your ability to utilise extra muscle fibre to generate powerful movements. EMS intervention plays a significant role in the development of strength and endurance for athletes.

Enhance sprinting, agility and jumping performance

Most of our members opt for BODYTEC training because it’s the best available option for improving athletic performance, whether you’re just starting or happen to be a rugby legend. Besides strength, Whole-body EMS training has shown positive improvements in both sprinting and jumping abilities. Both of these are ‘power’ activities that are important for many sports codes.

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