9 Superfoods to Include in Your Daily Diet

Superfoods that are particularly good for health and well-being

You’ve probably heard of superfoods by now, but what exactly are they?

Superfoods are nutrient-dense foods that may offer additional health advantages rather than unprocessed or fresh meals. They are foods that are thought to be particularly good for health and well-being, and they are often used by individuals who want to enhance their health or who are doing a detox.

While you may not think of them as superfoods, there are certain foods that are so packed with nutrients they’re worthy of the name. These foods are anything but ordinary and offer the benefits of everything from energy to skin and heart health.

If you’re trying to improve your health, just about every diet suggests you eat more fruit and vegetables. However, those foods come in a wide variety of forms and it’s easy to overdo them from time to time. Superfoods are a great way to get your daily servings of vitamins and minerals without overdoing it.

These 9 superfoods should be a staple in any healthy diet:

1) Spirulina

Spirulina is a type of blue-green algae and is usually available in either tablets or powder. It has a savoury, almost earthy taste and is extremely high in protein, beta-carotene, and vitamin B12. Spirulina helps increase stamina, build lean muscle, and is full of antioxidants.

The best way to enjoy Spirulina is in a smoothie with sweet fruits like banana, pineapple, and mango as the earthy flavour of the Spirulina can help offset the sweetness of the smoothie.

2) Hemp protein

Hemp protein is derived from hemp seeds and has a faintly nutty flavour. It is high in iron, magnesium, and omega-3s which help prevent heart disease, dementia, and inflammation. It’s also a really good source of protein and can help repair and develop lean body mass.

Try slicing a banana, spreading with peanut butter, and topping with hemp powder for a delicious and powerful snack.

3) Chia seeds

Chia seeds are tiny little seeds that essentially have no flavour although once soaked, they swell and gain a jelly-like consistency and texture. Chia seeds are a great source of omega-3s, protein, and fibre – 1 tablespoon accounts for over 20% of the recommended daily fibre intake.

Chia seeds can be added to virtually any food, but they’re great added to smoothies, or soaked in almond milk overnight and enjoyed with berries or cocoa powder and honey as chia pudding. You can also drink them in a glass of water for a daily fibre boost.

4) Cacao powder

Cacao powder is the raw form of chocolate minus the dairy and sugar and has a bitter, chocolate taste. It contains essential fatty acids, iron, zinc, sulphur, magnesium, calcium, and potassium, so this superfood packs quite a punch. Cacao powder is also one of the world’s richest sources of antioxidants.

Cacao powder is best enjoyed in creamy or berry smoothies, and it’s a good idea to use a natural sweetener to bring out the chocolate taste.

5) Maca

Maca is a type of plant and the root is edible with a strong earthy, slight butterscotch flavour to it. It’s been known to enhance moods; lower stress, increase energy and its abundance of fatty acids can improve brain function.
Enjoy maca with cacao, nuts or creamy ingredients, but avoid pairing it with fruits, except pineapple, dates, and bananas.

6) Bee pollen

Bee pollen is the male seed of the flower and has a slightly sweet, floral flavour. Its health benefits include boosting the immune and digestive systems, aiding in prostate and fertility problems, supporting heart health, and being an excellent source of amino acids, vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, lipids, and proteins.
Bee pollen makes an excellent smoothie with blueberries and bananas.

7) Lucuma

Lucuma is a type of fruit that is maple-like in flavour with a mellow sweetness. It’s been known to support heart health, decrease the effects of hypertension, normalise blood sugar, aid wound healing, and is high in beta-carotene, zinc, vitamin B3 and calcium.

This superfood works well with both fruit and vegetables in smoothies or salads.

8) Blackcurrants

Blackcurrants are a popular berry, although not many people tend to eat it, despite having superfood properties. They have a sweet, earthy flavour and may help prevent diabetes, aid muscle recovery and slow the ageing process through antioxidants.

Blackcurrants work well in fruit smoothies, or on their own as a sweet snack to curb cravings.

9) Sacha inchi

This may be a new one, but this nut is a good source of omega-3s and protein with 9g of protein per ounce. It has a nutty, almost buttery flavour, with some people saying it tastes almost fishy. This nut is good with bananas and a sprinkling of cacao powder as a treat or replacement dessert.

Most people are familiar with superfoods, but they may not be familiar with the specific nutrients or health benefits of each one. Share this blog with your family or friends.

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