4 ways that optimism can benefit your health


You may have always known that the quality of your thoughts can impact your physical and mental health but some of these benefits of positive thinking may surprise you. Did you know that a positive thinker is more likely to eat well, avoid smoking, and exercise regularly?

Whether you’re a regular positive thinker or someone who finds it a little harder to look on the bright side of life, the good news is that we can change our thoughts at any moment.

The following health benefits are enough encouragement to be more optimistic:

1. Positivity boosts your immune system

We’re not suggesting you should abandon your supplements and immune-boosting remedies for living on positive thoughts alone, but we will say that your immune system stands a better chance at fighting off toxins when you’re in a good mental space. Psychological Science reported that positive thinking has adaptive effects on immunity and fighting some infections.

2. Optimism may reduce stroke risk

According to an observational study of more than 6 000 Americans over the age of 50, researchers found that an increase in positive attitudes among participants correlated with a 9% reduction in stroke risk.

3. Optimists are more resilient

When it comes to dealing with stress, it’s no surprise that those who focus on potentially positive outcomes are the ones with an unwavering will to succeed. Studies show that optimism has an indirect impact on one’s quality of life through the types of coping strategies that optimists use. When dealing with breast cancer, for example, researchers found that optimistic women focused on alleviating their condition, maintaining a sense of humour, and accepting their reality which evidently resulted in a better quality of life, whereas the pessimistic women significantly worsened their quality of life by responding with feelings of helplessness and loss of hope.

4. A Happy heart is a healthy heart

More and more studies are revealing that optimism plays a major role in youthfulness and longevity. A study focused on incidental heart failure found a direct association between optimism and a reduced risk of heart failure. According to the study, optimism can be linked with healthier levels of immune proteins such as interleukin-6, C-reactive protein, fibrinogen, lipids, and serum antioxidants. The research also highlights the impact of social support and how that contributes to a higher level of optimism.

The moral of the story is, be positive. It will do you good.


Bookmark this blog to remind yourself of how much you stand to benefit from thinking positively, the next time you find yourself going down a spiral of negative thinking.

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