Trail Runs & Marathons 2020

BODYTEC offers both amateur and professional athletes the opportunity to build strength for endurance events like half marathons and trail runs with just 20 minutes of training a week.

The challenge for many runners is that although they understand and acknowledge the need for strength training, many prefer the running track, open road or mountain trail as opposed to the confined walls of a gym. EMS training with BODYTEC is a great alternative for runner’s who do not enjoy the time-demands of conventional strength training. EMS training with BODYTEC only requires 20 minutes per week, furthermore, no additional weights are used which reduces the impact on the joints and associated injury risk.

The BODYTEC EMS device is able to stimulate multiple muscle groups simultaneously, allowing for a repeated activation of the whole body. Under the guidance of a personal trainer, specific muscle groups can be individually targeted according to your goals and needs. 

We’ve handpicked some exciting races, trail runs, and marathons coming up soon (for all fitness levels) to put on your to-do list.


2020 Running Races: 

Om Die Dam Ultra Marathon

Date: 22 March in Gauteng.

50km and  21.1 km

Find more info here.

Om Die Dam Ultra Marathon


Jhb North City Marathon

Date: 22 March in Gauteng.

42,2km, 21.1 km, 10km or 5km fun run

Find more info here.


Two Oceans Marathon

Date: 10 &11 April in Cape Town.

The event kicks off with the  12,6km & 25km trail run as well as various fun runs followed the next day by the 21.1 and 56km road run.

Find all the info you need here.

2 Oceans Marathon


The South Coast Ultra Marathon

Date: 27 April in Kwazulu-Natal.

Runners can choose to run the 10km, 21km or 48km Marathon.

More info here.


Knysna Forest Marathon

Date: 5 July on the Garden Route

Runners can choose to run the 42,2km, 21,1km or 5km fun run

More info here.

Knysna Forest Marathon


SOX Trail Run

Date: 8 – 10 August on the Garden route.

Known as the most diverse (mountain/forest/beach) 3-day trail run in South Africa they cater for different levels. SOX lite (10km/day), SOX sport (16-23km/day) or the SOX (16-30km/day). And one can even join for 1 day (10 or 16km).

More info here.


The Winelands marathon

Date: 21 November in the Western Cape

Runners can choose to run  42,2km, 21.1km or 5km fun run

More info here.



P.S. If you’re considering getting into running in general, but don’t think you can cut it, read our blog post here, to get your mindset right! We’ll continue updating you on any more interesting and exciting trail runs and marathons we come across. 

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