20 ways to spend Valentines Day whether you’re single or coupled

It’s a new year and you’re a changed human, so whether you’re single or in a relationship, we suggest spending your valuable time doing something that’s not just fun but memorable.

Here’s a list of activities to spice up your Valentine’s Day, which could also be bookmarked as an all-year-round adventure bucket list:

Activities for Couples

  • Take a class together

Name a class that you’ve always wanted to take: Whether it’s dancing, pottery, yoga, or face painting, this is the perfect opportunity for both of you to learn something new and perhaps work up a sweat together.

  •  Go off the grid

Imagine, just the two of you – no WIFI, no TV, no bustling urban noise, just a cosy cottage by the sea or in the bush (whichever setting the two of you to find serene).

  • Go for a drive

Never underestimate the power of bonding during a scenic drive. There’s something so beautiful about getting to enjoy a picturesque setting with someone.

  • Visit the arcade

An arcade date may be an entirely new ball game, but it could be so much fun.

  • Enjoy breakfast in bed

Ah, the thought of waking up to your favourite sweet or savoury breakfast, carefully prepared by your partner is lovely isn’t it? If you’d enjoy it, maybe your partner would too.

  • Recreate your first date

Remember where you first met? How about recreating your first date to remind your partner of where it all began?

  • Binge-watch your favourite series together

If you’re a couple who enjoys the same series, take this opportunity to block time out of your schedule, grab your favourite snacks and catch-up on the latest episodes of a show that you both enjoy.

  • Bond over intimate questions

Ever heard of the 36 questions that lead to love? Studies show that asking your partner these questions will help you develop a stronger bond.

  • Head to a hotel

Surprise your partner with an unexpected splurge to a stunning hotel room.

  • Go to a comedy show

What’s love if not a barrel of laughs once in a while. Boost your partner’s – and your own – serotonin levels with a good laugh at a comedy show.

Activities for Singles

  • Host a games night

Invite your single and coupled friends to play all your favourite board games together.

  • Get a spa treatment

Nothing says self-love like a luxe pamper session. Book yourself into a spa and get a massage or beauty treatment. Invite a friend for some quality bonding time.

  • Sing your heart out

Are you happily single or still getting over your ex? There must be a song for that – so sing it!

  • Create a vision board

If you haven’t already created a vision board of your goals, take this day to get specific about how you want your future to unfold.

  • Visit the planetarium

A visit to the planetarium at any time of the year can be awe-inspiring but be sure to pencil this trip into your schedule, if you’ve been meaning to go for a while.

  • Do something scary

Are you a bit of a thrill-seeker or risk-averse? Perhaps doing a never-before activity like skydiving or rock-climbing is just what you need to bring wonder into your life.

  • Do some volunteer work

Choose to spread love on Valentine’s Day by volunteering your time to the less fortunate or for a good cause.

  • Visit a trampoline park

Go, be silly and jump around on a trampoline – because you can and it’s fun.

  • Watch feel-good movies

If all you want to do is go home and watch a good movie, choose one that will make you laugh or feel inspired.

  • Do a spring clean

Take the opportunity to remove clutter from your home, your car or your bags, so that you feel lighter and more accomplished.

Did you spot an activity that you’d like to try? Share this blog post with someone who may find it useful.

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